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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Flash Drive Genealogy - How to Store Your Genealogy Stuff

You can now store and back up your important genealogy information on flash drives, the new portable storage media. That valuable information can be:

GEDCOM Files, Pictures, Documents, and anything else that is important to you...

The flash drive (other names are jump drive or thumb drive) is a handy modern-day gizmo that is your "back up buddy."

Go To: for even more information about this lesson, with links, pictures etc.


Gini said...

Thank you so much for creating a video tutorial on flash drives and how to get your files into it. I have both a thumb drive and external hard drive, attempted to do it the other night and failed! I thought that it has to be me and I am computer challanged...gave up and was dissappointed! I am going to try and do it as you explained, thank you.