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Monday, 18 August 2008

North American & Canadian Sources

A very good place to start your American or Canadian research is to visit the Genweb Projects for these two countries. The USGenWeb Project is a group of volunteers working together to provide free genealogy websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free genealogy access for everyone.

Organization is by county and state, and the website provides you with links to all the state genealogy websites which, in turn, provide gateways to the counties. The USGenWeb Project also sponsors important Special Projects at the national level and the website provides an entry point to all of those pages, as well.

Clicking on a State Link (which you'll find on the left of the page) will take you to the State's website where you will find a vast amount of information for each state. Clicking on the tabs on the header will take you to additional information and links.

The same holds true for theCanada GenWeb Project.

What Passenger Lists are Online? is a terrific list of links to transcribed Passenger Lists and records, not just for the USA & Canada but many other countries as well.

Genealogy Links have a large collection of links for American & Canadian genealogy websites.

CYNDI'S LIST is also an excellent source and has a huge page of links to genealogical information and websites specific to the USA as well as one with a list of individual States.

There is also a comprehensive CANADIAN list

Just by visiting these few sources you will have more than enough information to get your researches off the ground and sustain them for some time to come!

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Laura said...

Great site and very good advice! Found you via Entrecard...

Tiffany Aller said...

Hi - I'm a visitor from EntreCard. This is a great post - I'm what I like to call an occasional genealogist, and I've found GenWeb to be extremely helpful in the past!! I'll be back to visit again - you've got a great little site.

Miss Crystal said...

This is a great resource! I have bookmarked you for future tips.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

This is a nice idea for a site. There are lots of beginner sites online but I think this blog format with the ability to leave comments and get feedback will be very helpful to beginners.
Welcome to Geneabloggers!
Evelyn in Montreal